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Sports & Gaming

Our team is well placed to advice on laws, regulations and policies of Sports Laws. Our firm has an extensive understanding of the fast moving and dynamic gaming business and we recognize the on-going
convergence of gambling, casino & lotteries, casual & social gaming, media and sports. Our team provides advice in areas including drafting opinions on the legality of controversial issues as well as new legislation, contracts, licensing and agreements pertaining to sports and gaming laws.

We also offer highly specialized, practical and effective solutions to our clients in this business sector. The firm involves itself in legal services at all stages ranging from contract negotiations to representation of the athlete and professional teams before the various authorities. The firm exercises a focused approach towards the specific requirements of each sport and game.

Our Services

  • Betting, Gambling &Lotteries.

  • Anti-Doping.

  • Contracts, Agency and Labour.

  • Trademark and Tax Issues.

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