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In today’s scenario there is an emergent need of control and protection from Cyber Crime, Data Misuse and theft, Hacking, Privacy and Internet based Accounting, financial & banking Frauds, online share trading Frauds, E-Consumer Frauds. The Growth rate of Cyber Crimes has caused many corporates & individuals to seek protection under Law. JLJ’s Team provides expert cyber law advisory, cybercrime consultancy and cyber law compliance audit and equaly represents our client in various judicial forums in cases of Cyber Crimes and disputes.


We also extend our services in drafting, negotiating and executing varied Cyber /IT Contracts & Agreements inter-alia being Hardware Agreements, Software Agreements, Webware Agreements and other general agreements across the sector.

Our Services

  • Drafting all types of Techno-legal Agreements for various emerging Technology-based businesses like Web, Apps, E-Commerce, E-Governance, Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, Grid Computing, Virtual Currency, Block Chain, IoT, Big Data, AIML, Fin-tech, SEO, SMM and others.

  • Preventive Cyber Legal & Information Security Services for managing internal cyber threats from Employees, Consultants, Service Providers and others.

  • Cyber Crime Detection & Investigation.

  • Litigation Support Services for Cyber Crimes in special cyber courts for compensation claims as well in regular courts.

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