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Business & Corporate

The growth of Indian markets globally has attracted many foreign investors to explore business possibilities in India. Our corporate team with its enriched experience and specialization has been providing substantive guidance and support to clients across the globe to strategically handle the regulatory framework for foreign investment in India which includes acquisitions to joint ventures & also compliance issues under corporate laws. JLJ Team ventures specialised and comprehensive legal service to MSME(s), MNCs, Organizations  and Institutions.

Our strategy, solutions and advices are cost-effective, peer informed and immediately actionable based on our years of expertise in corporate governance and compliance. We have the desired competence to handle and counsel mid to high profile clients in high-risk situations. JLJ Law Offices also provides Retainer model support related to Corporate Secretarial, FEMA, Corporate Legal & Tax advisory.

Our Services

  • Formation of Companies, Corporate Reorganization & Reconstruction, Joint Ventures and Merger & Acquisitions.

  • Asset Acquisitions, Shareholder Agreement and Conducting Due Diligence.

  • Entity Structuring and Tax Advisory.

  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Policy and Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA).

  • Statutory approvals from Government /Regulators and Industry specific approvals, Compliances & Filling.

  • Business & Corporate documentation

  • Contractual & agreement drafting

  • Negotiations

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