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Real Estate

With wide knowledge about property laws and profound understanding of the legal intricacies of the real estate market, our legal team enables the Clients to understand the nuances of this field and advises our Clients extensively in statutorily and legal compliances and also protection of their interest. JLJ team has
extensively dealt with the said areas of law representing the builders/developers, advisors/brokers and buyers and therefore 
has 360-degree view of Indian property laws, commercial drive and profound experience.

Our Services

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  • Conveyancing, Documentation and Registration of Lease and Licenses.

  • Due diligence, Investigation of title and ownership in respect to land and properties.

  • Advice on Capital loans procurements/Construction loans /Land development loans etc.

  • Mortgage and other debt security documents.

  • Compliance and Dispute Resolution Services under Real Estate Regulation and Development Act.

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